Our skilled team of artists is well-versed in Roto techniques, which involve meticulously isolating and manipulating elements within a scene. We carefully trace and define the edges of objects or characters frame by frame, ensuring precise masks and clean extractions. Whether you need to extract foreground elements, create accurate mattes, or separate objects for compositing, our Roto services provide the foundation for seamless integration of visual effects into your footage.

Remove unwanted rigs, wires, or other equipment from your shots with our Rig Removal services. Our meticulous approach and advanced techniques ensure that all visual distractions are seamlessly eliminated, leaving you with clean and professional-looking final results.

Combine multiple visual elements to create a cohesive and visually striking final image with our Composite services. Our expert compositors skillfully blend various elements, seamlessly integrating visual effects into your footage. Whether it’s integrating CGI elements, enhancing backgrounds, or adding special effects, we deliver flawless composites that elevate the overall quality of your projects.

Achieve perfect integration of CGI and live-action elements with our Match-Move services. Our experienced artists accurately track camera movement and match the motion of virtual elements to the original footage. This precise alignment allows for seamless placement of 3D objects, characters, or effects, resulting in a realistic and immersive visual experience.

Whether you need to transport your audience to a breathtaking fantasy world or enhance the background of a scene, our matte painting artists can create stunning digital environments.

Effortlessly remove green screen backgrounds and replace them with any desired environment or backdrop using our Green Screen Removal services. We ensure smooth and accurate extraction of foreground elements, allowing you to place your subjects in any setting you envision with complete realism.

Our experienced VFX supervisors can work closely with your production team, providing valuable guidance and ensuring a smooth integration of visual effects throughout the project.


Step right up and witness the magic in our latest showreel – it’s like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but with mind-blowing visual effects!


From blockbuster films to captivating web series and commercials, our portfolio shines.


Established in 2006, AruljothiVFX is India’s premier VFX team, renowned for our exceptional talent and expertise. With a stellar track record, we deliver top-quality visual effects solutions that elevate storytelling to new heights.


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